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Dungog Under 9s vs Greta/Branxton

Dungog Warriors Under 9s vs Greta/Branxton

The Under 9s Warriors travelled to Greta on Saturday to take on the Greta/Branxton Colts. The boys played two short after a couple of our boys were unable to play. Greta were a big mobile team, but Dungog went with them the whole game. The defensive effort of both teams was absolutely outstanding with only one try being scored by Greta for the whole game. Both teams through everything at each other, but the defence of both teams scrambled, and worked so well as a team to keep the opposition scoreless.

Our team today was Fraser Lovegrove, Sam Turner, Zac Ribbons, Darcy Hill, Jack Miller, Henry Hancock, Tom Teleski-Williams, Riley Cummings and Luke Montford and they all played so well in defence and attack. None of these boys took a backward step and the way they play is a pleasure to watch.

Keep up the good work and listening at training and we will continue to improve. No training Thursday due to school holidays. Thank you

James Lovegrove


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Dungog Under 16s vs Stockton

The Dungog Warriors Under 16s took on the Stockton Sharks in wet and miserable conditions on Saturday at Bennett Park.
Coach Lenny Argent was very happy with his teams effort in defence and happy with their all round effort, but too many silly mistakes took the pressure off Stockton and allowed them to take victory in a tight game 16-12.
Try scorers were Cody Argent, Harry Boorer and Will Rooke with the wet conditions making goal kicking hard work.
Best and Fairest points this week went to 3 – Harry Boorer, 2 – Cody Argent and 1 – Jack O’Brien Gallagher – Lenny Argent

Dungog Under 16s vs Central Charlestown

The first game of the season saw Dungog take on Central with Dungog making the kick off. The boys showed good strong defence straight away, making low clean tackles on the opposition. Dungog soon had the ball in their possession with Steve Muddle making a good run from fullback. This got the play down the ground with Cody Argent scoring the first try after receiving a quick inside pass from Bryson Braham. Central hit back straight away when they got the ball when one of their big forwards pushed through the defence passing it out to the winger right on the line who was able to score in the corner. Central backed this up again with another try after gaining possession from a dropped ball from Dungog, scrambling over the line to score and lead 8-4.  Cody made a short kick off which Steve was able to scoop up and get to twenty metres out from the line. From there Cody was able to scoot across to score his second try which Braydon Porter easily converted. Central was next to score after winning the scrum twenty metres out from their line after Dungog was pushed out over the sideline. They took back the lead 12-10.  An error from Central saw a Dungog feed in a scrum thirty metres out. Steve was able to gather the ball up after winning the scrum and dash across the line from the off side for an easy try.  Dungog was playing well with few mistakes and playing a good defensive game as well which lead to the next try with Cody making another good break getting only ten metres out and managing to make a quick off load to Harry Boorer who had timed his run well onto the ball finding a gap in the defence to score his first try for the season. Dungog backed this up shortly after with their next try which came about after another good run from Cody followed by Blake Fisher when he got the ball who has been working hard all game with and without the ball. He also was able to get the ball down the ground and offloaded to Bryson Braham to score taking Dungog to a comfortable lead of 28-12. The second half saw a different Dungog side come out with fatigue and the warm weather combined with a few small injuries all showing on the boys. They had to work hard defending their try line with Central trying to get across with the ball but Dungog managed to keep them out bringing the ball back for a restart only to lose possession with a knock on giving Central another opportunity to score but Dungog held their ground keeping them out and forcing a scrum which they won. Jack Thompson was able to make a good run down the sideline but was brought down about ten metres from the line.  Central managed to scramble their way down the field and their big number eight pushed over line to score. They were to make another couple of close calls and was to score once more when their centre broke through running up the sideline to take the score to 28 -24 Dungog’s way. All eyes were on the clock when Central threatened again but the ref ruled a forward pass giving the ball back to Dungog to close out the final seconds. The hooter sounded fulltime to a relieved Dungog side and a somewhat freakily calm coach. It was a well earned win to Dungog and a good kick off to the season. Points Cody Argent 3 Steve Muddle 2 Gavin Fisher 1


Under 15’s Dungog V Morpeth

Result: Morpeth 17 defeated Dungog 8

Dungog had their first home game for the season with the ground being wet
and the ball slippery ,the first half of the game was a nail biting, edge of
your seat game , with a full team and 4 on the bench the boys were strong
all though the game & kept talking to one another.

Dungog took control of the ball straight away with Angus McPherson and Paul
Locke making some great ground with the ball. With a bad pass from our boys
Morpeth gained possession of the ball and crossed over for the first try of
the game with them converting this try. Morpeth were now in control of the ball and then lost it because of a knock on to Dungog and this started a scenario for both teams playing in the very wet
conditions. Dungog got the ball back down near our line and Sam Thornton saw an
opportunity out wide passing the ball to Brodie Tull who then crossed over
for his first try of the season, with Jake Eyb unfortunately finding the wet
conditions hard to convert the try.

Dungog’s ball skills and handling of the ball and being able to make some
good runs & keeping it tight enabled Cameron McLean the opportunity to cross
over. Unfortunately Mitchell Grey also found a conversion hard in wet conditions.
The boys had the ball and were making great inroads into the Morpeth defence only for the half time siren to sound.

Brad Andrews, Jake Eyb, Alex Haylett, Gus Lawrence & Louie Williams made
some great ground thoroughout the game in attack, with Cameron McLean, Ethan Edwards, Tom Hudson, Mitch Grey & Sam Thornton making some really spectacular tackles in defence.

Pat Chant played a great game, gathering the ball off Morpeth though a bad
pass and making some great ground getting the ball back up our end.

Alex Haylett was unfortunately taken off with 15 minutes left on the clock
with a bad knock to his head, The whole team wish Alex a speedy recovery .

In the second half Morpeth took control of the game and although the Dungog boys
kept their communication going and kept the pressure on, Morpeth, the score was not an
indication of a well played game by all of the team. All the boys need to be
congratulated for the great game they played today. They really stepped it up
considering they were playing the top team in this Division.

Dungog Under 15s vs Belmont North

Dungog Under 15s travelled to Belmont North where they were defeated 36-10. Belmont took control straight up and scored in the first five minutes and it wasn’t long before Belmont went in again to score again, but our boys were not giving up without a fight.
Belmont had a few knock ons giving our boys the chance to score a try with Sam Thornton doing a very nice grubber kick and it curved back around allowing Jack Fisher the chance to cross over for our first try of the game with Jake Eyb converting this try.
Dungog then made a few errors giving Belmont the opportunity to take control of the first half.
Coming back on for the second half of the match saw our boys come back playing a great second half with Mitch Grey, Paul Locke, Gus Lawrence, Jake Bannister, Brad Andrews and Louis Williams making some great ground. All the boys done some great tackling out there today. With about 15 minutes left on clock the boys held strong allowing Alex Haylett to score his first try of the season. This try gave the boys the boost they needed but the clock beat us in the end. Man of the match this week was Paul Locke, with the best and fairest points going to Paul Locke 3, Mitch Grey 2 & Brad Andrews 1. Heidi Thornton

Dungog Under 15s vs Kotara Bears

Dungog Warriors Under 15’s travelled to Kotara and were defeated 26-14. The team had only 12 players and the boys need to be congratulated on a great game despite the result, after losing one player to an injury leaving us with only 11 players on the field.  Kotara were leading at half time and   being the stronger team with reserves on their bench.
The boys came back strong in the second half with Sam Thornton off-loading the ball to Brad Andrews, who scored his first try of the season eight minutes into the second half . This try gave the boys a boost of confidence to move forward as a team.   Not long after that, Sam Thornton was passed the ball and charged the line and crossed over to score his first try of the season.  After a scrum and a small kick from Gus Lawrence, Sam crossed over for his second try, with Cameron McLean converting the try.
Matt Holmes was great with his kicking, with the opposition even commenting on this. Paul Locke and Brad Andrews had great games in the front Row, Jake Eyb and Jake Bannister made some great runs, taking the ball forward along with all other members of the team.
The whole team needs to be congratulated on playing a strong game.
A big Thank you to Mitch Maytom,  Rocky Eyb and Matt Chant on helping the boys.

Man of the match this week was awarded to Sam Thornton and Brad Andrews.

Warriors vs Belmont North at Belmont

The under 14s played an exceptional game with only 10 men against a full strength Belmont.
The score line of 42-10 speaks volumes for the Warriors crossing for two tries and threatening the Sharks on several more occasions.
Tries to both Bryson Stevenson and Khelan Stevenson were well deserved and executed. Kegs also converted one from two.
A strong sense of teamwork prevailed amongst the Warriors. The lads are to be congratulated for their on field conduct against a Belmont team showing frustration on a number of occasions in the second half.
Strong performances from Alex Rooke, Josh Haskins and Jack Fisher formed the backbone of the defending effort.
Ryan Wilson and Damon Bolland taking the challenge up to the Sharks throughout the game.
Great solo tackles by new recruits Hayden Badior, Josh Hayward and Kurt Wallace show the level to which these fellas are stepping up.
Brandon Brando, as fullback, showed the pace at which he could cover the field.
Throughout the under fourteens played with full effort and ran down every break Belmont North made.
Congratulations to Scotty and the lads for conduct on field. I have rarely seen a game played with as much effort, the teamwork outstanding. Hold your heads high. Sean Wallace

Dungog Warriors Under 14’s vs West Maitland

The Warriors under 14 team travelled to McKeachie’s Complex to play West Maitland.
Our first full strength team for the season saw the game played in trying conditions. In heavy drizzle visibility was obviously reduced as West Maitland crossed for their first try in minutes after the kickoff.
Keen words from Craig and Jason saw the Warriors quickly regroup and step into stride. Khelan Stevenson crossing for a try and followed up with the conversion.
Huge efforts in attack came from Jack Walters, Alex Rooke, Ryan Wilson and Drew Grant. Bryson Stevenson quick to back up with Josh Hayward broke the Wests attack at play after play.
Josh Haskins and Brando Brandon setting play, seeing Wyll Darr cross the line on three occasions in exception team play and individual ability.
Again Jack Fisher proved his ability as an all round player and Damon Boland making three tackles in succession saw the Warriors dictate the terms of play.
The signature step of Kurt Wallace and consistent plays of Hayden Badior ensured the Warriors won both the mental game and the point score at 22-16.
Congratulations Pup and Ajax, the under 14s are developing sound skills and more importantly a sense of sportsmanship beyond their years. Sean Wallace

Dungog Warriors Under 13s vs Swansea

Dungog Under13’s defeated Swansea 18 to 4.

Today was a real test for our young men, playing with only 12 players & most of the game with only 11. The weather conditions were wet, rainy and cold.
When these young men were asked to step up and show their metal, they all responded brilliantly.
Bone crushing defence by our forward pack, meant, Swansea didn’t get out of their own half until the 20th minute of the game and that was when we only had 11 players on the field.
Three tries were scored in the first half, these by Jerry Piper, Mitch Andrews and Broc Hunt.
Swansea were a strong side, however, they had no answer to our defence, they were continually jarred backwards by Jerry Piper, Broc Hunt, Mitch Andrews and Dane Laman as well as the rest of our players all stepping up and putting their bodies on the line.
In attack, strong runs, as always, by Broc Hunt, Jerry Piper and Mitch Andrews just kept making us good metres, leaving the Swansea defence in tatters behind them, this was all helped by good service from dummy half by Adam Blakemore.
Toby Ware at fullback was safe as always under the high ball and made good return runs as well as filling in at dummy half at times and making good runs from there as well.
Swansea managed to cross our line in the 8th minute of the 2nd half, when, again we were down to 11 players and stretched us out wide with an overlap to score.
Ollie Pritchard showed great kicking skills today throughout the match in very testing conditions.
Conner McLean, Riley Atkins, Alec Campbell, Angus Smith-Morgan and Lachlan Edwards showed great team work backing up all runs and supporting all team mated throughout the match.
It was a pleasure to watch our young men really stepping up today especially short of players against a strong side, well done boys it was a fantastic effort. Tries by- Broc Hunt 2, Jerry Piper 1 and Mitch Andrews 1 and 1 goal to Ollie Pritchard.

Dungog Warriors Under 13s vs Belmont

With the first game of the season being a home game for the young warriors all players were keen to start the year solidly and bring home a victory. Due to this side now playing in the Newcastle comp the Belmont side were an unknown factor and all the boys were keen to show what they had learnt in the off season and the new year of training. There were plenty of things that we will learn from out of this game but as a coach it was an impressive first up performance by all players and they can all hold their heads high. The pressure and commitment all players showed in defence was outstanding and the Belmont players just couldn’t get through this solid brick wall. There only try coming from a cross field kick with the ball bouncing over the wingers head.

In attack it was a joy to watch, for a new side the level in which we controlled the ball was pretty to watch, our new moves will come together with time. Our support play was good and will get better but to score 11 tries in our first game was a fine display of footy.

All players performed great, a job well done. Try scorers Gav Taylor 2, Mitch Andrews 2, Jerry Piper 2, Toby Ware 1 , Robbie Davies 1, Ollie Pritchard 1, Will Duck 1 and Brock Hunt 1 conversions Ollie Pritchard 5 , Brock Hunt 1 and Toby Ware 1. Refs points for the week Brock 3 Toby 2 and Jerry 1 . Final score Dungog 58 Belmont 6.  See you all at training next week.