Warriors vs Belmont North at Belmont

The under 14s played an exceptional game with only 10 men against a full strength Belmont.
The score line of 42-10 speaks volumes for the Warriors crossing for two tries and threatening the Sharks on several more occasions.
Tries to both Bryson Stevenson and Khelan Stevenson were well deserved and executed. Kegs also converted one from two.
A strong sense of teamwork prevailed amongst the Warriors. The lads are to be congratulated for their on field conduct against a Belmont team showing frustration on a number of occasions in the second half.
Strong performances from Alex Rooke, Josh Haskins and Jack Fisher formed the backbone of the defending effort.
Ryan Wilson and Damon Bolland taking the challenge up to the Sharks throughout the game.
Great solo tackles by new recruits Hayden Badior, Josh Hayward and Kurt Wallace show the level to which these fellas are stepping up.
Brandon Brando, as fullback, showed the pace at which he could cover the field.
Throughout the under fourteens played with full effort and ran down every break Belmont North made.
Congratulations to Scotty and the lads for conduct on field. I have rarely seen a game played with as much effort, the teamwork outstanding. Hold your heads high. Sean Wallace